Hire-Purchase/Loan :

This plan allows you to avail of financing up to 90% of the vehicle's ex-showroom price and repay the same in easy monthly installments spread over 12 to 60 months. Various options are available.

Standard plan :

Make a down payment and repay your loan in equated monthly installments over the period of your finance contract. Just decide your repayment period and down payment and period, the calculator gives you the monthly installment.

Flexi-plan :

Allows you to work out an increasing or decreasing monthly installment structure to match your cash flows.

Annual Bullet plan :

Pay a bulk installment once every year with lower installments in all the other months. What's more, you can choose the month of the year you would like to make the bullet payment (20% of the financed amount). If you have seasonal cash flows, this is just the plan for you.

Balloon Repayment plan :

Make a lump-sum payment (balloon) at the end of your finance contract and lower installments during all the other months. If you would like to minimize your cash out-flow during the period of your finance contract and make a bulk payment at the end of the contract out of the sale proceeds of your vehicle, this plan is for you.

Lease Options :

If you are a corporate and would like to lease rather than own a Ford vehicle, just call our representative at the local Ford authorized dealer and we could work out a customised lease plan to suit your requirements. Our lease plan allows you the flexibility to make monthly payments over 24 to 60 months depending on your cash flows. [Ford Credit advises you to confirm your eligibility for the above-mentioned plans with our local representative.

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